Infrastructure allows brands to attract new customers and create momentum to drive sales for their business.


To build this infrastructure, The Rosario Group can help you: 

  • Create business processes
  • Strengthen existing processes
  • Integrate technology into your business
  • Find new revenue funnels and diversify income
  • Define your long-term goals
  • Create actionable step-by-step plans
  • Prioritize projects





"TRG has helped my brand evolve in ways I'd never imagined. Quick shifting abilities, knowing what to note and what to ignore, extremely organized and impeccable communication skills. They have all the essential skills for any brand to become successful."

Ilbert Sanchez, Senior Stylist at IjayStyling

"Not all heroes wear capes. We came together when I was in dire need of structure and an outside opinion. The Rosario Group delivered -- and then some. I recommend Casandra to any and every creative entrepreneur I know -- and secretly applaud my own genius in finding her. She's like the secret weapon you wish you had.....but wait! She's the secret weapon you CAN have!!! You can hire her!!!!! Hire her today!! Of all the places in the internet you could be, you made it to the testimonials section of a consulting firm's website. I mean, honestly. You made it this far, you could at least schedule a consultation with a living legend while she's still hirable. You owe that to yourself."

Cady Macon, Certified Life Coach & Founder of the Macon Moves podcast

"For over 5 months Casandra, of The Rosario Group has helped to transform our company. We are a boutique fitness center in Harlem, that whips folks into shape, but we can honestly say that's what Cass has done for our company: give us focus on our goals and to where we want to be.  She is extremely professional, innovative, supportive, yet stern, and thinks about our company's best interest. Without her, we wouldn't see the progress we have made thus far."

Tamelia Spooner & Paul James, Work Hard Train Harder Fitness

We make sure you do everything you said you were going to do.