Social media is the new paradigm of consumer marketing



Create value and become a community hub by masterfully curating content for your customers. 


Talk to your customers, learn what they need, and keep them coming back. 


Build your brand and create sales funnels to attract new customers. 

Focus on building your business and let The Rosario Group take the immense burden of social media management off your hands.

We can help you with: 

    •    Planning content

    •    Write engaging social content that tells a story

    •    Measure and adjust (analytics)

    •    Strategically plan social campaigns

    •    Audit your online presence

    •    Find partnerships & sponsorships

    •    Target consumers through paid social media ads




"Casandra is a natural-born entrepreneur, highly organized and very professional. Casandra has attention to detail and executive skills especially shine when it comes to communications and event management. She is diplomatic, creative, capable, detail oriented, deadline aware and always has both client's needs and budget expectations in mind. Casandra is also an agile social media manager, especially well suited to handle Twitter and Instagram accounts. Casandra possesses a great personal and professional integrity and I would recommend her as an associate without reservations."

Jelena Pasic, Owner of Harlem Shake NYC

"The Rosario Group has a very sharp, savvy and efficient staff who really grasps how to engage with people on social media."

Chef Melissa O'Donnell , Owner of Thelma on Clinton


Do you want to grow your social presence? Do you want to attract new customers to your business? Trying to keep existing customers coming back?